CSFET-based Family Nurse Consultation Unit

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Hohashi Lab.

Division of Family Health Care Nursing,
Graduate School of Health Sciences, Kobe University

LINE Family Concerns Consultation Service

If you have any concerns that you find difficult to confide in us either in person or over the telephone, please feel free to consult with us using the LINE application. The dedicated site can be accessed via the QR code or URL below. Then register as a friend, and send us your concerns.


Please note:

  • 1)You can consult anonymously, so the person consulting and details of the consultation will be treated as confidential. We will not disclose your personal information or the details of your consultation to a third party without your request or consent. However, in emergency situations, information may be shared with the police or other relevant agencies, such as out of concerns that the life or safety of the person consulted may be in danger.
  • 2)We will not respond to consultations that appear to be for other than the intended purpose, such as malicious mischief.
  • 3)The details of consultations and consultation screens may not be forwarded, reproduced or published (posted on SNS, bulletin boards, blogs, etc.) for sharing with other parties without our express permission.

WhatsApp Family Concerns Consultation Service

If you are using WhatsApp, please click the button below and send us the details of your consultation via WhatsApp.